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             Hello, and thank you for visiting my site.  Sit back and enjoy...well...nothing special, just my PSO Shrine that I have made in my free time.  In it, I basically show and tell some of my experiences with Phantasy Star Online.  It is a great game made by Sega(best company), and Yuji Naka.  In Phantasy Star Online, you basically start out as level 1 hunter, ranger, or force.  You go through levels and aquire a large amount of experience points when fighting enemies.  The max level you can get is 200.  It is a great experience, and possibly one of the most greatest MMORPGs.  It is highly addicting, and that is why I chose not to play it during school time.  Other than that, I suggest anyone with an Xbox, Gamecube, or even a Dreamcast to check Phantasy Star Online out.                                                

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