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Phantasy Star Version 1:

Beginning in the year 2001, I purchased a game that would later favorite game ever.  The name, Phantasy Star Online.  Phantasy Star Online (PSO) is not like any other online massive multiplayer game you have played before.  It offers features that nothing could ever compare to.  First off, you start of as a level 1 Hunter, Ranger, or Force.  From here on out, you get your own custom ID, costume, and guild card list. A guild card list is your own buddy list that you can add characters from the online play.  Both online play and offline play are great.  I recommend PSO to any gamer whether male or female.

                                            5 out of 5


Phantasy Star Online Version 2:

Next off, we have another great version of PSO.  This would be the second (of course).  This one takes the first one and makes it better.  It also adds a fee of $8.95, which was the first PSO to have it's own indepent fee (excluding SegaNet).  First off, instead of maxing out your character to level 100, you get to go to 200.  A new feature of Challenge Mode and Battle Mode is added which gives gamers a chance to cooperate with eachother and go through challenging levels.  Although this adds more than the original, the fee is the only reason why I would give this a:

                                4 out of 5


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